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“I have come across and tested a lot of herbal supplements within my professional career – all of them are produced by different companies from all over the world. And I can say that I am glad to have a chance to say how effective and powerful Vimax is. 


When testing this supplement, I first paid attention to its formula and studied every single ingredient in it. Based on medical research, I can say that all the Vimax ingredients are natural and safe and cause no side effects – but you should remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


I also tested Vimax involving voluntary patients into a clinical trial (an 8-month period). The patients reported that they noticed higher sexual performance, stamina, and sexual desire. In addition, Vimax had positive psychological effects and promoted self-confidence. And there is no surprise as an increase in male strength and virility reduces frustration, stress, and anxiety.


Based on these results, I may say that Vimax is an effective product that can actually boost libido and stamina and improve erections in men. It works with no harm to your health and keeps it promises. I can recommend Vimax to men who want to restore their sex lives and promote sexual functions. I can recommend Vimax for my patients and friends with no hesitation.”


Dr. Mario Dumitrascu, M.D


FDA Warning

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns on its website that Vimax can contain tadalafil, which is not listed as an ingredient, though it does not indicate its amount in the supplement. Tadalafil is Cialis, the erectile dysfunction drug, and the FDA has placed this warning to prevent men who have particular health problems from taking Vimax.


But the claim may be overstated as the lowest dosage of Cialis you can get is 5mg. When comparing Vimax and Cialis, you can see that the first contains a very low dose if any at all.


Based on this fact, we recommend any user who wants to give a try Vimax to consult his health care provider to avoid any adverse reactions.